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Directed by Kholoud Al Ali

Cast: 1, Animatic: Nawal Ads, Art Director: Moaiad Zaidan, Producer: Nadine Toukan


A young child lives in a dark world surrounded by shadows. But one day he found red shoes hanging in an alley, and his life began to change from there.

طفل صغير يعيش في عالم مظلم محاط بالظلال. لكنه وجد ذات يوم أحذية حمراء معلقة في زقاق ، وبدأت حياته تتغير من تلك النقطة.

Plays in

Still I Rise- رغم ذلك اسمو

As we struggle to fight for ourselves and our rights, “Still I rise” is a tribute to those…