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Shou Esmk [What’s your name]

شو إسمك؟

Directed by Nour Al-Moujabber

Cast: DOP: Fatma Racha Chehade, Editing: Nour Al-Moujabber, Producer: Stephanie Ghalbouni, Sound: Ramzi Khoury


“I wanted to record everything for the illness to slow down because I couldn’t stop it. I want her to remember my name. “Lucas gave up on his country but is helping his mother with her treatment as she fights Alzheimer’s disease. He decides to record his mother’s daily life to remind her of what she means to him.”

“أردت تسجيل كل شيء حتى يتباطأ المرض، لأنني لم أستطع إيقافه. أريدها أن تتذكر اسمي. لوكاس، تخلَّى عن بلده، لكنه يساعد والدته في علاجها، وهي تكافح مرض الزهايمر. يقرر تسجيل حياة أمه اليومية، لتذكيرها بما هي عليه.”

Plays in

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