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Directed by Hadeel Alkebsi

Cast: DOP: Hana’a Alkebsi, Editor: Hadeel Alkebsi, Rayan Nasr, Sound: Abdulrahman Suroor


Yousef is a talented guitar player from a traditional Yemeni family that looks down at art and artists, Yousef secretly practices his talent and hides his identity from those around him for fear of his family. What would happen if this secret was revealed?

يوسف عازف موهوب من أسرة يمنية عريقة تمقت الفن والفنانين، يمارس يوسف موهبته في السر ويخفي هويته عن من حوله خوفاً من أسرته. ماذا سيحدث لو انكشف هذا السر؟

Plays in

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