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The box


Directed by Dušan Kastelic

Cast: Animation Assistant: Alenka Leskovšek, Music and Sound Design: Mateja Starič, Production Assistant: Igor Pediček

Have you heard the phrase, think outside the box? This is a story about such a box. The box is full of miserable creatures.  One of them doesn’t belong there.

هل سمعت بهذه العبارة، فكر خارج الصندوق؟ هذه قصة حول هذا الصندوق المربع مليء بالمخلوقات البائسة. لكن واحد منهم لا ينتمي هناك

Plays in

Life in Conflict – صراع الحياة

What does it mean to live in the middle of fear and uncertainty? “Life in conflict,” tells us…