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Life in Conflict – صراع الحياة

  • 97 mins

What does it mean to live in the middle of fear and uncertainty? “Life in conflict,” tells us the stories of those situated in challenging environments and how they lead lives with resilience & hope.

ماذا يعني العيش وسط الخوف وعدم اليقين؟ تخبرنا مجموعة افلام “الحياة في صراع” قصص أولئك الذين يعيشون في اماكن ملئية بالمصاعب وكيف يتعالمون مع تحديات الحياة



In this program

Vincent Before Noon

Directed by Guillaume Mainguet

Synopsis: A father pays his son a visit after years of conflict and turns up in the middle…

The Sun Knows No Border

Directed by Hadrien Segond

Synopsis: August 2015. Louise and Elias are returning from their trip to Greece by train across Europe, when…

The Grant

Directed by Muhammad Khabur

Synopsis: When the capital Amman was under the lockdown out of the COVID- 19 pandemic, there was no…

Five Minutes

Directed by Ahmad Barghouthi

Synopsis: “During the war on Gaza, the Israeli army found a new way to spread terror and anxiety…

Lost in the Middle

Directed by Senne Dehandschutter

Synopsis: Steven and Abdel, two young Belgians, leave for Syria. One as a journalist, the other as a…

The box

Directed by Dušan Kastelic

SYNOPSIS: Have you heard the phrase, think outside the box? This is a story about such a box….