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Made in Yemen Part 1 – صنع في اليمن

  • 51 mins

Part 1: “Made in Yemen” displays work from fiction to documentary, created by some of Yemen’s most talented directors.

الجزء الأول: “صنع في اليمن” يعرض أعمالاً مختلفة، من روائية إلى وثائقية، من إنتاج واخراج بعض من اهم صناع الافلام الشباب في اليمن



In this program


Directed by Hadeel Alkebsi

Synopsis: Yousef is a talented guitar player from a traditional Yemeni family that looks down at art and…

Made of Gold

Directed by Saber Wasel

Synopsis: Made Of Gold, A story of the passion and struggle of one of the most iconic football…

The Last Resort

Directed by Noor Adeen Morgan

Synopsis: The film talks about the human suffering of citizens due to the closure of the Sanaa International…

Dreams at the Age of Nine

Directed by Dia Sharaf

Synopsis: Because strong societies guarantee freedom of expression for children and allow them to share their views as…

The Helmet

Directed by Osama Khaled

Synopsis: Osama is a creative inventor from Yemen, full of dreams as well as ideas for transforming those…

Incomplete Film

Directed by Shaima Ameen

Synopsis: In view of the circumstances Yemen undergoes, this film shows the attitude of the Yemeni towards what…


Directed by Nashwan Sadeq

Synopsis: The film takes place in the streets and alley of Taiz city, which has been subjected to…