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Made in Yemen Part 2 – صنع في اليمن

  • 80 mins

Part 2: “Made in Yemen” displays work from fiction to documentary, created by some of Yemen’s most talented directors.

الجزء الثاني: “صنع في اليمن” يعرض أعمالاً مختلفة، من روائية إلى وثائقية، من إنتاج واخراج بعض من اهم صناع الافلام الشباب في اليمن



In this program


Directed by Salman Al Eyan

Synopsis: Lama, ten years old, is aiming to make displaced people happy in their camp, Will she succeed?…

In The Middle

Directed by Mariam Al-Dhubhani

Synopsis: Forced to pick up arms, Ali, is stuck in between his crushed dreams and the harsh reality…

Scene 2

Directed by Abdulrahman Alward

Synopsis: Hala enters the gate to a room with four people, unaware of how she got there or…


Directed by Alaa Hafed

Synopsis: The film is about “Aziza” or “Ozazah”, who lives in Sabr Mountain which is considered one of…

The Artist

Directed by Linah Alamoudi

When I Grow Up

Directed by Albaraa Mansoor

Synopsis : The film talks about the young child “Ahmed”, who belongs to a simple family in one…