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From Yemen – من اليمن

  • 37 mins

Despite the country’s precarious political and economic situation, Yemeni filmmakers are still working hard to get their voices heard and express themselves, their struggles, and their ambitions through art and filmmaking. This collection includes films (documentary and fiction) made by Yemenis.

بالرغم من الوضع السياسي والاقتصادي الغير مستقر في البلاد، ما يزال صناع الأفلام اليمنيين يعملون بجد على ايصال اصواتهم والتعبير عن انفسهم، معاناتهم، وطموحاتهم عن طريق الفن و صناعة الافلام. تضم هذه المجموعة افلام ( وثائقية – روائية ) قادمة من حكايات اليمنيين وقصة اليمن.

In this program

Shadow of the past

Directed by Amr Al-Khulaidi

Synopsis: “Amr Al-Khulaidi is a Yemeni filmmaker with an academic background. By studying graphic design at the Lebanese…


Directed by Sahar Al-Jabli

Synopsis: The film talks about a 22-year-old young woman named “Sama,” who has a hobby of Yemeni heritage…


Directed by Asim Abdulaziz

Synopsis: With the ongoing war in Yemen, peoples rely on knitting to distract themselves from reality, with its…

What if?

Directed by Omima Tareq

Synopsis: I am an 18 years old Yemeni girl who just finished high school and has many dreams…

To the elbows

Directed by Anas Al-Odaini

Synopsis: “Because of weather conditions, they meet after a long absence; they exchange conversations, no one changes, The…