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Her Stories – حكاياهن

  • 59 mins

From the reality of the struggles and challenges that women experience, the films in this package include stories from around the world of women united in changing painful conditions and obtaining the rights they deserve.

من واقع ما تعيشه المرأة من صراعات وتحديات تأتي افلام هذه المجموعة مانحة اياهن الفرصة لمناقشة قضاياهن ومشاركتها مع المجتمع. قصص متنوعة من حول العالم لنساء تجمعهن المحاولة لتغيير الظروف المحبطة والحصول على الحقوق المستحقة.

In this program

My Grandmother is an Egg

Directed by Wu-Ching Chang

Synopsis: “As a child, my grandmother was given to another family to be raised as a future daughter-in-law…


Directed by Hossein Mirzamohammadi

Synopsis: Bloor, An Afghan girl was able to run away from the Taliban after being their hostage for…


Directed by Shekh Al Mamun

Synopsis: ‘Nisha,’ from Bangladesh, lives in a rural village in Korea with her mother-in-law and her husband, Byeong-shik….

Stay Home Sisters

Directed by Uma Bista

Synopsis: “I was confined for twelve days. Restricted from going out into the sunlight, from seeing any male…