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Short Documentary -وثائقي قصير

  • 61 mins

This collection includes award-winning short documentaries that convey true stories of people, issues, and events from different countries.

تضم هذه المجموعة افلام وثائقية قصيرة من بلدان مختلفة نقلت قصص واقعية لاُناسٍ وقضايا وأحداث من بلدان مختلفة.

In this program

When Beirut was Beirut

Directed by Alessandra Chanty

Synopsis: This poetic hybrid documentary introduces us to three majestic, abandoned buildings that witnessed Beirut’s tumultuous history—coming to…

A Day’s Work

Directed by Max Kerkhoff

Synopsis: A DAY’S WORK is both a short documentary and a film installation. Without dialogue, contrasting perspectives are…

A letter from your far off country

Directed by Suneil Sanzgiri

Synopsis: “Drawing upon a rich repository of images – from digital renderings of Kashmir’s mountains to the textured…

A Camera on the Roof

Directed by Houssam Jlelati

Synopsis: “This morning, I read in the newspaper about a taxi driver who decided to live on the…

Honorable Lady

Directed by Ana Sol Alonso, Teresita Cherry

Synopsis, Almost two years after the beginning of the last military dictatorship in Argentina, a mother writes a…