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Directed by Nejib Kthiri

Cast: Co-production: London film & TV, DOP: Jamie Touche, Editor: Christian Radclyffe, Production Companies: Seventh Age Pictures Limited-SVP Tunisia, Starring : Max Pemberton - Mohamed Grayaa - Kaouther Dhaouedi - and Eleanor Crowe, Worldwide Distribution: MAD Solutions, Written & directed by: Nejib Kthiri


Omar, a young boy, escapes his failing body and secluded life by traveling in dreams he created from magazines his mother used to give him. When his stepfather urges his wife to change her approach towards her son and stop giving him magazines, both mother and son take an important and life-changing step.



یهرب طفل صغیر من جسده المتخاذل وحیاته المنعزلة ّ بالسفر في أحلامه التي شکلها من مجلات تحضرها له أمه؛ ولکن زوج والدته یحث أم الصبي على التوقف عن اهتمامها الشدید به، فیتخذ الأم والابن خطوة مهمة قد تغیر حیاتهما.


Director Bio

Nejib Kthiri is a Tunisian filmmaker and musician living in London, UK. He studied music and sound engineering at West London University in 2011 then specialized in cinematography. He is currently in the development stages of his debut feature film.


نجیب کثیر مخرج وسیناریست وموسیقي تونسي یعیش في لندن، درس الموسیقی وهندسة الصوت في جامعة ویست لندن عام ،٢٠١١ ثم تشعب لدراسة التصویر السینمائي، ویعمل نجیب حالیا على تطویر أول أفلامه الروائیة.


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