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Films Accessible in Yemen Only – افلام متاحة لمن في اليمن فقط

  • 80:31 mins

This collection of films is only accessible if you’re logged in from Yemen.

تضم هذه المجموعة افلاما متنوعة ومتاحة للمشاهدة مجاناً  للمقيمين في اليمن فقط.

In this program

Hamza – Chasing the Ghost Chasing Me

Directed by Ward Kayyal

Synopsis Hamza is a middle-aged man who refuses to abandon a routine he has kept since his release…

Flesh and Blood

Directed by INÈS ARSI

Synopsis Victim of a rape by her young neighbor, Donia, 19, sees her life shattered when she realizes…

The Birds Have Left Beirut

Directed by Khalil Zaarour

Synopsis August 4, 2020. A date that shook a country, changed a city and destroyed lives… Zeina was…

Will my parents come to see me

Directed by Mo Harawe

Synopsis An experienced Somali policewoman once again accompanies a young inmate through the procedures of the Somali justice…


Directed by Nejib Kthiri

A young boy escapes his failing body and isolated life by traveling in his dreams. When his step-father urges his mother to stop caring so much, both mother and son take an important and life-changing step.