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From Yemen 1 – من اليمن

  • 49:49 mins

مجموعة أفلام  من إخراج صنّاع أفلام يمنيين 1


“From Yemen” is a powerful collection of films (documentaries and fiction) crafted by Yemeni filmmakers. Despite the challenging political and economic circumstances, these talented individuals persistently strive to have their voices heard and convey their experiences, struggles, and aspirations through the medium of art and filmmaking. This exceptional collection showcases their resilience, determination, and creative spirit, offering a unique glimpse into Yemeni perspectives and narratives.

In this program

Sahen Almimya

Directed by Entisar Aldoais

Synopsis Aunt Rihanna lives in old Sana’a and works as a traditional Yemeni wedding singer. She is one…

In the Long Run

Directed by Yousef Assabahi

Synopsis Set in the historical Old City, in Ibb, Yemen, In the Long Run is built around a…

Al-Rahba camp

Directed by Khaled Al-Saeed

Synopsis Yemen is experiencing unprecedented hot weather, as the temperature reaches more than 45°C in the coastal and…


Directed by Yasmin Alkalisi

Synopsis In front of his old school, “Ibrahim” stops recalling his difficult childhood memories because of his color!…